TARTARE Seminars

Study Design for TARTARE Epidemiological Studies

Dr. Silvia Alonso

March 5, 2020

Silvia Alonso is veterinarian and senior scientist epidemiologist at the International Livestock Research Institute, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her work focuses on the impacts of livestock production on human health in low- and middle-income countries. She is a collaborator in the TARTARE project contributing to the epidemiological studies that will provide estimates of health burden associated with the target pathogens. The presentation will discuss how the team plans to achieve this project objective.


Current Status of Ethiopian Butchers: Pathways for Capacity Building

Dr. Jason Scheffler

February 6, 2020

The Ethiopian meat supply chain is predicated on speed due to the industry structure and lack of reliable refrigeration which provides significant food safety challenges. Improving food safety of beef requires understanding the meat supply chain and the many practical, technical, and cultural factors that may negatively affect hygiene. Here we report the results of a needs assessment, implementation of a training program, and our ongoing and planned research aimed at improving food safety and hygine of Ethiopian beef production.


Gender Analysis of the Dairy and Meat Value Chains In Two Locations of Ethiopia

Dr. Kathy Colverson

December 5, 2019

Men and women have different gender roles related to slaughtering and processing of meat and dairy products as well as exposure to food safety hazards. The webinar on “Gender Analysis of the Dairy and Meat Value Chains In Two Locations of Ethiopia” explores these roles, and their impact on improving food safety in meat and dairy value chains in the TARTARE project.