SHARE: Developing Methods for Assessing the Public Health Impact of Foodborne Illness Using Electronic Medical Records

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Electronic medical records can provide significant insights into patient outcomes but have not been widely used for foodborne disease. SHARE is using electronic medical record data from the Ohio State Health Care System to improve our understanding of diagnostic practices around foodborne disease, the trends in incidence of foodborne disease in Ohio, and the risk of developing long-term health outcomes associated with acute foodborne disease. The overarching goal of SHARE is to develop improved methods for understanding and estimating the burden of foodborne disease.

OSU Project Team: Barbara Kowalcyk (Co-PI), Kara Morgan (Co-PI), Robert Scharff (Co-PI), Joan-Miquel Balada Llasat (Co-PI), Drew Barkley

Timeline: June 2020 – May2022

Funding Sources: OSU Team Science SEEDS Grant (OARDC)