Yadeta Dessie

Yadeta Dessie
Assistant Professor, Chief Executive Director
Haramaya University
Degree Information: 
PhD, Public Health, Haramaya University

Dr. Yadeta is a public health expert working in Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences as an assistant professor of public health, mainly engaging in teaching, research and administration activities. He teaches a Health Economics and Reproductive Health Monitoring and Evaluation course for both master’s and doctoral student. He has also been supervising several MPH students thesis since 2011 and co-supervising the dissertation of doctoral students from 2016 onward. He is a member of Kersa and Harar Demographic Surveillance Sites (DSS) System of Haramaya University. Yadeta has been leading and co-leading various research projects of various calibers and has participated in several international and national research trainings. He has won several grants both from national and international funding organizations. Yadeta has also made several oral and poster presentations on different international and national conferences, symposiums and workshops. He previously worked as a Director for Research and Publication at Haramaya University from 2009-2013. More recenlty, he has also has been serving the College as a Chief Executive Director at the rank of Vice President. With this position, Yadeta leads about 2000 employees who are working in teaching and learning, academic research, and health care services throughout the university’s teaching hospital. In his current position, he has contributed to various transformative changes of the college, university, and surrounding community in the areas of teaching, innovation, technology transfer, and provision of healthcare services. In addition, he is also serving as chair person, secretary, and board member within the university and the neighboring regional administrations. He will be serving on the TARTARE Disease Burden team.