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Samira Wehmann

Samira Wehmann
Samira Wehmann
Undergraduate Intern
Department of Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University
Degree Information: 
Anticipated completion of B.S. in Biological/Biosystem Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2022

Samira Wehmann is a third-year Biological Engineering undergraduate student at The Ohio State University, minoring in Biomedical Engineering. Samira serves as an Undergraduate Intern with CFI, where she engages in work on a decision tree and the importation of seafood. A team player and leader in the workplace, Samira works as a pharmacy technician for CVS Pharmacy and has served as VP of Marketing for the AOII Sorority.

In the future, Samira hopes to pursue opportunities within the medical field to help improve organ transplants through the use of stem cells and 3D printing. In her free time, Samira enjoys going to the lake with friends and playing with her dog, Link.