Kebede Amenu Ejeta

Kebede Amenu Ejeta
Associate Professor
Addis Ababa University
Degree Information: 
PhD, Livestock Production, Food Safety and Water Quality, University of Hohenheim, Institute of Animal Production in the Tropics and Subtropics
MSc, Tropical Animal Health (Epidemiology), Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
DVM, Addis Ababa University

Dr. Kebede Amenu Ejeta is faculty member of the College of Veterinary Medicine of Addis Ababa University since 2016. Prior to this, he was with Hawassa University for more than 14 years.  He is currently teaching courses such as Veterinary Public Health, Research Ethics, One Health and Food Safety both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His current areas of research include epidemiology of foodborne diseases and interventions towards food safety improvement. In addition, Kebede is currently a consultant researcher for International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of various research projects in collaboration with national and international partners and further publishing various scientific papers in reputable journals. Kebede received his DVM degree from Addis Ababa University (2002), MSc in Tropical Animal Health (epidemiological data collection and processing) from the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (2006), and a PhD in Agricultural Sciences (focus: water quality and food safety) from University of Hohenheim (2013). His contribution to the TARTARE project is in designing and assessing milk hygiene improvement interventions.