Katie Stolte-Carroll

Katie Stolte-Carroll
Katie Stolte-Carroll
Project Manager - Policy, Grants, Research, and Projects
The Ohio State University
Degree Information: 
MPH, Veterinary Public Health, The Ohio State University
BS, Pre-Veterinary Medicine; Biology with an Agricultural Emphasis; Chemistry Minor, The University of Findlay

We are glad to have Katie Stolte-Carroll as Project Manager of Policy, Grants, Research, and Projects at the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention (CFI).

Katie Stolte-Carroll has long remained committed to health and wellness, personal growth and engagement, student support and education, and fostering the development of emerging leaders. For nearly two decades, she has set and far exceeded personal and professional aspirations. All the while, growing her own skill and knowledge base through educational seminar involvements. This has resulted in numerous certifications throughout the years, from fitness to food and agriculture.   

Since September of 2021, Katie has served as Project Coordinator for CFI. In this role she has provided technical support for the microbiological testing being conducted in multiple food safety research studies; assisted with the daily management and support of CFI’s research projects; procured the shipment of equipment and supplies for various projects, engaged in project planning and the compilation of annual reports; monitored study timelines, and revised project/program-specific Gantt charts.  

For 8 years Katie has utilized her expertise in Veterinary Public Health and Biology with an Agriculture emphasis, to advance the organizational systems and specialized practices of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Firstly, with the Division of Meat Inspection, where she performed regular slaughter and processing inspections; and educated various establishments on updated State and Federal policies, regulations, and laws. This included work with blueprint narratives, HACCP and SSOP plans. Additionally, Katie assisted in the reviewal and approval of product labels to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence with the Code of Federal Regulations. 

Secondarily, through the Division of Food Safety, Katie ensured facilities were operating in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Oversaw the review of all laboratory results and labels for accuracy and regulatory compliance at inspected facilities. And, conducted specialized seafood, acidified, juice, farm, and farmer's market inspections as a credentialed FDA inspector. In addition to inspection duties, she also collected samples for USDA and FDA microbiological and pesticide detection programs.  

More astoundingly, within the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Katie was able to considerably enhance the Meat Inspection Internship. As a result, the creation of a better, more educationally elaborate internship program for the training of future interns. 

Presently, Katie is utilizing her expansive exercise knowledge at a local university to educate students on the benefits of exercise. All while introducing them to new equipment, engaging with them through exercise, and educating them on the importance of fitness, proper diet and nutrition, and how to maintain health and wellness throughout the life course. Throughout her many roles, as a teacher, trainer, liaison, supervisor, etc. Katie has remained committed to advancing and educating all people on the importance of exercise. All while managing to truly engage with her audience and cultivate systems of growth.