Devin LaPolt

Devin LaPolt
Devin LaPolt
Graduate Research Associate
Department of Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University
Degree Information: 
BS, Environmental Public Health, The Ohio State University
Environmental Health Science

Devin LaPolt is a dual degree student pursuing a PhD in Food Science and Technology and a Master of Public Health with a specialization in Environmental Health Science. In 2020, she graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Public Health from Ohio State. Her main research interest is One Health and infectious disease control, and she has worked as a research assistant in the College of Public Health contributing to health behavior and smoking cessation research.

In her current role at CFI, she devotes much of her efforts to building data collection forms using REDCap for TARTARE. She works with an interdisciplinary team to test and prepare surveys for field use. She also develops training materials and instructions for field use of data collection tools. In her free time, Devin loves succulent gardening, yoga, painting, and hiking.