Chloe McGovern

Chloe McGovern
Chloe McGovern
Graduate Research Assistant at the Master’s Level
Department of Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University
Degree Information: 
BS, Food Science, California Polytechnic State University
Food Science

Chloe McGovern is a Master of Science student in Food Science at The Ohio State University. She is entering the first year of her MS program and is expected to graduate in 2023. In June of 2021, she received her B.S. in Food Science from California Polytechnic State University. During her undergraduate, Chloe aided in research for the food safety and microbiology lab and sensory research team. 

As a graduate research associate with CFI, Chloe works alongside Kara Morgan on the SHARE project, gaining valuable experience with the CFI team as she pursues her graduate studies in food safety and foodborne illness. In her free time, Chloe enjoys working out, anything involving the beach, and watching Jeopardy!