Aaron Beczkiewicz

Aaron Beczkiewicz
Graduate Research Associate
The Ohio State University
220H Parker Food Science and Technology Building
Degree Information: 
MPH, Environmental Health Science, University of Minnesota
BS, Microbiology, University of Minnesota

Aaron Beczkiewicz is a PhD student in the Department of Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University. He came to OSU from the University of Minnesota where he developed a background in laboratory methods for pathogen detection, foodborne disease epidemiology, and food safety. Aaron has a wide range of experience including 2 years at 3M Company in the Corporate Research Materials Laboratory and 2 years at the Minnesota Department of Health where he worked in both epidemiology as a member of “Team Diarrhea” and in the Enterics Unit of the Public Health Laboratory specializing in Enteroaggregative E. coli. His current research interests include utilizing public health and food production data to improve pathogen detection and microbiological sampling across the food system.

Aaron was selected as a finalist in the 2020 IAFP Developing Scientist competition for his Salmonella risk factors work and was named a Graduate Food Safety Fellow with the USDA FSIS Research Participation Program for the final year of his PhD. As of today, Aaron is a Food Technologist with the Office of Policy and Program Development at the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.