WestFest 2022 is HERE

Oct. 14, 2022

Join us TOMORROW, Saturday, October 15th for WestFest 2022 from 10am -2pm! Stop by booth #4 to find out more about the food safety lessons we've learned from the TARTARE project, and how we’re utilizing glitter and slime to educate people on food safety pathogens (colored glitter) and the biofilm (clear slime) that protects them.

Biofilm Slim with Glitter Componentsbi·o·film -- forms when certain types of microorganisms stick to a moist surface. The microorganisms secrete a slimy, glue-like substance that helps them hold onto the surface that they are sticking to. The biofilm also helps protect the bacteria and makes it more difficult for antibiotics to destroy them. 

For more WestFest Details: https://lnkd.in/gfzgbtK7