Transforming Communities & Improving Food Safety through Collaborations - 2022 Giving Campaign

Dec. 13, 2022

Over the course of the last 15 days, we have had a total of 22 donors! Thank you all for your generosity. Let's keep the momentum going, consider sharing this campaign with your social networks and/or making a donation to the campaign. GIVE:

As the team at CFI works to transform communities and the world by improving food safety and preventing unnecessary illnesses and deaths from foodborne disease, we are also creating a network of food safety researchers and trans-disciplinary collaborations in food safety. One of these collaborations is here in Ohio with Franklin County Public Health.  

Adobe Stock Photo #256965738WHY: Certified food protection managers (CFPMs) are increasingly being recognized for their role in addressing foodborne illness risk factors in retail food environments, and Ohio now requires all retail food establishments to employ at least one CFPM. However, few studies have examined how food safety certification requirements may influence food safety outcomes. That is where the FAIRE project comes in!  

"Working with CFI and its outstanding students on the FAIRE project has greatly expanded my knowledge of food safety and food policy. The staff members show interest and support in their students and truly want to help us grow. CFI has been able to make the research experience exciting and easy!" - Noah Dameron, Undergraduate Intern 

Noah Dameron is focusing on Franklin County public health practice-based research to identify and prevent environmental risk factors contributing to foodborne illnesses. Because in the United States, over half of foodborne illness outbreaks can be attributed to food served by a restaurant. 

Through your gift donation, we can further support the funding of CFI student experiential learning opportunities and answer important food safety questions that matter to the public's health - your health!

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