Society for Risk Analysis Workshop: Case Study and Lessons Learned from Applying the FAO Guide to Ranking Food Safety Risks at the National Level

Nov. 15, 2021
FAO Guide to Ranking Food Safety Risks at the National Level

Risk ranking and risk prioritization are key tools for a risk-based decision-making system. For food safety and environmental risks, many examples of how to analyze risks for a risk ranking have been published. What has been missing is a how-to guide for the steps before the ranking. The FAO Guide for Ranking Risks at a National Level came out in 2020 to fill that gap. The FAO Guide lays out the process at a high level, but detail is lacking. Our team has conducted two applications of the first step in the FAO Guide, namely, the scoping workshop. In this SRA workshop, we will share our experiences and lessons learned for a successful implementation of this phase, and provide some early thinking about the next phases of the process. Join us if you expect to be conducting a risk ranking in the future, so you can build on what we have learned.

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Instructor: Dr. Kara Morgan

Co-Organizers: Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk and Dr. Arie Havelaar

Date: Friday, December 10, 2021

Time: 8AM-12PM (half-day)

Cost: General registration fee - $80 for half-day workshops

Student registration fee - $35 for half-day workshops

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