Outreach and Public Service - CFI's 2022 Giving Campaign

Dec. 21, 2022
Food safety practices in Ohio food delivery - ORA Meeting Reasearch Presentation

Although the autumn semester may be over, the time for raising awareness and promoting food safety education to combat foodborne disease is year-round! There is still a ways to go in our 2022 Giving Campaign, click the link and donate to the funding efforts for our science-based organization, foundationally-built on preventing foodborne disease and protecting public health.

Link to GIVE: https://buckeyefunder.osu.edu/project/34678

We know that consumers play an important role in food safety, but are often unaware of the risks and health impacts associated with foodborne illness.

2022 Giving Campaign Flyer

With this in mind, the team at CFI strives to expand the understanding of foodborne diseases and their health impacts within the U.S. and around the world, through outreach and public service and by working with industry partners, consumer food safety groups, and academic institutions to promote food safety education - as well as federal and state government agencies charged with ensuring the safety of our food supply.

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