Our 2022 Giving Campaign and the Students of CFI

Dec. 2, 2022
CFI Student Researchers at an IAFP Conference Event

We are only getting started and our fundraiser is already off to a superb start! And this is only the first week. Join us throughout the month of December in supporting the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention's 2022 Giving Campaign! Every dollar given will make an impact, and together we can and will make a difference.

Link to GIVE: https://buckeyefunder.osu.edu/project/34678    

Your donations help CFI engage students in a wide array of projects and academic research opportunities. Currently, we have 11 students involved in our work here at the center - four are pursuing doctorates in Food Science, two are working on their Master of Public Health, one is working on a dual degree in Master of Public Health and Food Science, and four are undergraduates pursuing degrees in Food Science and Computer Science. This year alone, we have been graced with APE students, graphic designers, volunteers, reigstered dietician nutritionists, and PhD students who have gone on to successfully defend their dissertations. No matter their area of study, the students at CFI have all been moved to support, engage and contribute to the research & prevention of foodborne illness being done here; utilizing their individual talents and specializations to protect public health and help us establish a positive food safety culture that can be sustained locally, nationally and globally. 

We'll leave you all with this message from Graduate Research Associate and Ph.D. student, Harmeen Prasher:

As I have recently joined the CFI group, I didn't get much chance to interact with everyone but attending IAFP and working on our booth was a fun way to learn how to network with people and exercise soft skills to converse. CFI has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with scientists, directors from various industries and governments at IAFP.  It was a knowledgeable experience to learn how we as Food Safety Researchers can make a difference in the lives of people by ensuring safe food for all.