Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Food Safety; Current Topics in Food Safety - Guest Lecture Tuesday (3/28) with Jeffery Mitchell

March 27, 2023

Tomorrow’s guest speaker for our FDSCTE 7727 Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Food Safety; Current Topics in Food Safety course is Jeffrey Mitchell

As Director of Food Safety and Quality at IFCO Systems, Mr. Mitchell oversees the North American food safety and quality initiatives at the company’s Reusable Packaging Container (RPC) service centers throughout North America, as well as food safety and quality programs that extend along the entire fresh food supply chain. Mr. Mitchell has over thirty years of experience in food safety, quality assurance, sanitation, regulatory compliance, and research. 

Jeffrey Mitchell, MScPrior to joining IFCO, Mr. Mitchell served as Vice President of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs at CHEMSTAR; and for over 20 years in the U.S. Army Public Health Command. For the former, Mr. Mitchell was awarded the Legion of Merit Medal for his contributions to food safety and public health. 

Mr. Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Food Science and a Master of Food Science and Technology from the University of Georgia, and numerous professional certifications. 


We are looking forward to his lecture on "Sustainable Sanitation Practices"! Faculty and staff interested in attending Tuesday guest lectures can contact us at Follow CFI across all of our social media platforms including LinkedInFacebook & Instagram, for more details on upcoming guest speakers and food safety content across the board.