Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Food Safety; Current Topics in Food Safety - Guest Lecture Tuesday (2/7) with Jorge Hernandez

Feb. 6, 2023

Tomorrow’s guest speaker for our FDSCTE 7727 Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Food Safety; Current Topics in Food Safety course is none other than, Jorge Hernandez!

Jorge Hernandez, BScJorge Hernandez is the Vice President of Quality Assurance for the Wendy’s Company. As such, he is responsible for the design, implementation and leadership of the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Programs that impact suppliers, distribution centers and restaurants and, accordingly, directly responsible for the food safety, quality-brand protection at Wendy’s. Mr. Hernandez has published a large number of articles and belongs to several national and international organizations and boards. 

Jorge has degrees in Biology from Rockford University, Microbiology from the Centro de Estudios Medico-Biologicos in Mexico City Mexico, Languages and Literature from la Universite de la Sorbonne, Paris, France and Executive Leadership from the Said School of Business at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

We are excited to hear his lecture on "Food Safety Across Borders"! Faculty and staff interested in attending Tuesday guest lectures can contact us at Follow CFI across all of our social media platforms including LinkedInFacebook & Instagram, for more details on upcoming guest speakers and food safety content across the board.