IAFP 2022 - International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting

July 30, 2022

We are pleased to announce that several of our CFI Team Members will be taking part in the IAFP (International Association for Food Protection) Annual Meeting from July 31st  to August 3rd! Learn more below about the posters, technical sessions, roundtables, and presentations happening at IAFP 2022. Also, be sure to stop by booth #1001 and see what the team at CFI is all about, and how you can be a part of it. Join us in the Exhibit Hall!

Challenges to QMRA in Africa- Barb Kowalcyk (Symposia)

Public-Private Data Sharing: A New Opportunity for Risk-Based Decision Making in Food Safety- Barb Kowalcyk (Round Table)

Get-Connected Market: Connecting IAFP Professionals on Food Safety in Africa- Barb Kowalcyk (Interactive Event)

Detection of Gastrointestinal Pathogens in Stool Samples Using a Rapid Multiplex PCR Test at a Large Tertiary Pediatric Hospital- Nadira Yasmin, Drew Barkley (Poster)

An Evaluation of Diagnostic Practices Around Salmonella Spp., E. coli, Campylobacter Spp., and Norovirus at a Large Tertiary Pediatric Hospital- Drew Barkley (Presentation)

Changes in the Incidence of Diagnosed Foodborne Illnesses in a Pediatric Patient Population during the COVID-19 Pandemic- Drew Barkley (Poster)

Ranking Produce Safety Priorities of Fresh Produce Industry Stakeholders in the United States- Charles Bakin (Presentation), Chloe McGovern (Coauthor)

Estimating Maternal Fumonisin Exposure Level and Risk of Neural Tube Defects during Pregnancy in Guatemala- Ariel Garsow (Presentation)

Evaluating the Impact of Requiring Certified Food Protection Managers on Inspection Compliance- Allison Howell (Poster)

Incidence of Selected Foodborne Pathogens in Hospital Stool Samples in Ethiopia, 2018 – 2020- Devin LaPolt (Presentation)

Efficacy of Free Chlorine and Peracetic Acid Against Listeria Monocytgoenes in Recycled Citrus Spent Water- Chloe McGovern (Poster, Coauthor)