Global Handwashing Day

Oct. 15, 2022
Handwashing photo by Unsplash

Today is Global Handwashing Day! Through our stewardship of the Handwashing For Life Institute, we hope to work towards applying a practical set of proven measures to change food service and healthcare handwashing behaviors, protecting the business and the people they serve.

This involves standards and meaningful measurement tools to overcome the underwashing of hands.
Here is the process for you to follow for washing your hands whenever running water is available:

Wet hands as a pre-rinse. Apply soap, scrubbing hands for 10-30 seconds according to soil load and cleanliness standards: 

  • Palm-to-palm 
  • Front-to-back 
  • Claw-to-paw 
  • The interlock 
  • Wrists 
  • Thumbs 
  • Rinse hands thoroughly 
  • Wipe hands vigorously with a paper towel 

Remember, friction is a friend of effective handwashing!