FDA announces new Salmonella outbreak; other investigations continue

March 31, 2023
Salmonella concept background - Adobe Stock photo #113261538

By Coral Beach, Food Safety News

Summary below is from Food Safety News:

Federal officials have discovered a new outbreak of infections caused by Salmonella Infantis.

Investigators with the Food and Drug Administration have not yet determined what food or beverage is the source of the Salmonella. A dozen people have been confirmed sick, but the FDA has not reported their ages or where they live.

The agency has initiated traceback efforts but has not revealed what food or foods are being traced. It is not uncommon for the FDA to spend weeks investigating an outbreak without reporting what foods might be involved.

In another outbreak the number of confirmed patients continues to consistently increase week by week. There are now 53 patients in an outbreak of Salmonella Hartford compared to 50 a week ago and 47 two weeks ago.

The FDA has not released any specific information about the patients in the Salmonella Hartford outbreak, including where the patients live or what their ages are.

Investigation efforts include on-site inspection and collection of samples for testing, in addition to traceback work. The FDA has not revealed what food or foods are being traced and tested or where the on-site samples are being collected.

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