A Discussion About Food Science and Social Media Communication w/ Brittany Towers - The Black Food Scientist

Nov. 17, 2022

In case you missed it, on Monday, November 14th the OSU Department of Food Science and Technology was graced with a Discussion About Food Science and Social Media Communication by none other than The Black Food Scientist, Brittany Towers! As a food scientist, a certified culinary scientist and an OSU alumna with a background in both biology and of course, food science, Brittany informed us on how she utilizes social media to communicate her expertise. From “pickling” to “MSGs” Brittany creates “Science in 60 Seconds” videos all from her own home. On platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, she addresses topics and questions everyday people can use in their daily life.  

Brittany Towers SeminarThe Black Food Scientist Logo

Blossoming during the quarantine of 2021, Brittany long saw a need for underrepresented groups to be exposed to the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as they may not know the places, opportunities, or careers that are out there for them in STEM due to a lack of representation. When kids or young people don’t see individuals who look like them represented (in media) within STEM fields, it can make its way out of their realm of what is possible, beginning in their youth. Luckily, through Brittany’s engagement and experiences with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in Chicago, she has learned the importance of this. And within such spaces, has been able to open the door of possibility through her visibility and platform as The Black Food Scientist. In this small yet big way, Brittany has been able to bring the fun and relevance of food science to people, especially the minds of youth within underrepresented groups. By making it into something that isn’t out of reach in their eyes but worth exploring and learning more about!  

Although Brittany does go by the name, The Black Food Scientist, her intended audience is indeed everyone! The name intentionally allows underrepresented groups to know that they are a part of that “everyone” and a path in STEM is possible for them. And Brittany herself, whether it be her authenticity, fluidity, simplicity or enthusiasm in bringing what she knows and loves about both food science and cooking to the awareness of the general public, visually supports the reality of that possibility. 


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