The Chemistry of Chocolate

Feb. 14, 2023
How can you brighten someone's day?

On one of the sweetest days of the year, kindness is the sweetest thing you can share, right next to chocolate of course. Think about how you can brighten someone’s day today!

Chocolates And if you happen to be a chocolate lover, then this fascinating article on The Chemistry of Chocolate is the perfect match for you. Chocolate, no matter which way you have it (e.g. hot chocolate, devil's food cake, or a chocolate truffle), is a very unique, complex, and tasty treat. Find out how the beloved treat gets its flavor, texture, and tricky reputation as an ingredient in this article on chocolate written by , Professor of Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University. From cocoa beans to cocoa butter or cocoa powder, what makes chocolate taste so good lies in the volatile molecules.