Food Safety Education

Food safety is a shared responsibility and requires the implementation of best practices and interventions throughout the farm to fork continuum. To achieve that, all food handlers must become more knowledgeable about food and foodborne disease and, importantly, be motivated to change their food handling behaviors.

CFI focuses on raising awareness about the scope and impact of foodborne illness and providing students, consumers, and other stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions around food safety.

CFI seeks to amplify many of Ohio State’s ongoing education and awareness activities by providing a centralized location for food safety education, training, and other resources at Ohio State, as well as a coordinated platform for communicating with stakeholders about these efforts.

Periodically, CFI engages qualified undergraduate and graduate students in its work, such as the TARTARE research project in Ethiopia. In the past, such experiential learning opportunities have involved conducting literature reviews, writing white papers and manuscripts, and presenting to decision makers in Washington, DC, through travel supported by CFI.