Food Safety Consortium

CFI Graphic Element“CFI's Food Safety Consortium seeks to bring together individuals and organizations interested in achieving our mission of advancing food safety systems that protect public health by preventing foodborne illness. Membership provides a unique opportunity to help ensure that our academic efforts have maximum impact on food safety.”
                                                                                             Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk


Annual membership to support, engage, and contribute to research & prevention -

Annual Membership Provides the Opportunity to:

• engage with scientists and experts to address food safety challenges;

• participate in leveraged, academic research and special projects;

• shape undergraduate and graduate students for future careers in food safety;

• support undergraduate students through practicum design and other research project activities;

• host focused “future employee” recruitment events;

• grow the skills of members’ workforce through select CFI continuing education courses.

How it Works

Consortium membership is a one-year term with the opportunity to renew. New and renewed research & special projects begin and end at the date indicated on the membership agreement. Research & special project scoping, goals, and outcomes are developed in conjunction with members. Updates are provided to members on a quarterly basis. Project outcomes will be presented at end of term meeting. Members support and engage in the annual research & special projects agenda at the kick-off meeting.

Consortium Levels

Other Ways to Support CFI

Supporting CFI’s great work can also be accomplished through OSU CFI’s website “Give Now” anytime. Donations provide long-term sustainability to CFI’s work which is vital to the prevention of foodborne disease around the world.

Consortium Benefits


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