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1. Risk Based Decision Making:

This course will bring an awareness of what it means to have a risk-based decision making system, with an application to food safety. It will introduce learners to the normative elements of decision making, and will explain how “risk” fits into that structure. Learners will recognize the role of risk assessment, risk management and risk ranking in a risk-based decision making system. Learners will understand the role of data and analysis in driving a risk-based decision making system.

2. Risk Assessment for Food Safety:

This course will provide an overview of the purpose and approaches to risk assessment, and will provide a description of each step in the risk assessment process. The four steps are: Hazard Identification, Exposure Assessment, Hazard Characterization and Risk Characterization. Learners will gain an understanding on what types of information can be generated from a risk assessment.

3. Risk Management for Food Safety:

This course will provide course participants insight into Risk Management as part of the framework of Risk Analysis in the context of food safety. Key aspects of Risk Management covered in separate modules include: Roles and responsibilities of risk managers, Risk Management principles, and use of Risk Assessment in Risk Management. Course participants will also be familiarized with the Risk Management process and typical Risk Management activities and options for mitigating food safety risks.