Consumer Resources

The Ohio State University Food Safety Ask an Extension Expert online system provides reliable, accurate information on the safe handling of food using university research-based information. Please utilize the resources below to make informed decisions in the selection, preparation, storage, and handling of food!

Lessons in Food SafetyFood Safety and Danger Zone
  • Lesson 1 - Background [PPT]

  • Lesson 2 - Personal Hygiene [PPT]

  • Lesson 3 - Time and Temperature [PPT]

  • Lesson 4 - Cleaning and Sanitizing [PPT]

  • Lesson 5 - Cross-Contamination [PPT

"Everyday Food Safety" Reminder Posters:
  • Be Food Safe Poster [PDF]

  • Prevent Cross-Contact Poster [PDF]

  • Safe Internal Temperature Chart Poster [PDF]

Food Safety "Quick" Fact Sheets: