Linking Handwashing’s Scattered Resources

Friday, February 24th, 2023
Aquamarine Blue Missing Link Chain

Injecting the operator perspective

Handwashing advice, guidelines, training, and even the science, is available from a plethora of sources. The answer to sustainable gains in handwashing compliance is buried in decades of endeavors, some reported but most are confined to frustrated frontline supervisors. The new CFI/OSU-Handwashing For Life® partnership seeks to leverage available resources by taking the science and splicing in the mission-critical labor force factors.


This “missing-link” graphic strives to visually summarize the handwashing resource situation and applied-science solution. We have the science, technology and know-how, represented by each link. Now is the time to gather data from the scattered resources and convert anecdotal inputs into evidence-based answers.


Yes, data is the missing link. And yes, research is required to forge this vital link. Harnessing the operator learning will be achieved by engaging them at the research design phase. “Will this research provide my management and ownership with a picture so clear that they can align the handwashing process with their corporate tolerance for risk?” Risk-based conclusions will replace fact-free decisions.


The FDA’s Model Food Code will continue to provide basic advice to shape local inspections and achieve minimum standards. It is predicted that operators will increasingly be choosing the better public safety handwashing alternatives, led by evidence-rich research.

Jim MannJim Mann

Handwashing For Life Founder and Research Correspondent



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