Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advance a stronger, more science-based food safety system that prevents foodborne illness and protects public health.

Our vision is a food system that consistently delivers safe, affordable, and nutritious food to all.

Our approach

CFI was founded in 2006 to help America create innovative, science-based solutions for the food safety challenges of the 21st Century.

We view ourselves as knowledge brokers

...working to translate science into practical, evidence-informed policies that protect public health and prevent foodborne disease.

Our objective is to provide an independent voice

...committed to using the best available science to develop evidence-informed policies and practices that create a positive culture for food safety from farm to fork.

We are always rooted in science

...and use best practices for science-based advocacy as our guiding principles:

  1. Accurately characterize the best available, policy-relevant science;
  2. Clearly and thoroughly present the argument;
  3. Accurately characterize scientific uncertainty and avoid guesswork;
  4. Transparently represent the scientific basis for policy recommendations and explicitly acknowledge the values that inform them;
  5. Be open to revising a policy recommendation in light of new information;
  6. Avoid hyperbole; 
  7. Clearly acknowledge when expressing a personal opinion or making policy recommendations on issues that lie beyond the scope of one’s technical expertise.

Strategic Goals

Our objectives are to:

  1. Encourage, facilitate and promote research that increases our knowledge about foodborne illness and advances the development and implementation of science-based, public health solutions to food safety challenges;

  2. Translate and communicate science and its implications for food safety to stakeholders;

  3. Raise awareness about the scope and impact of foodborne illness;

  4. Advocate for stronger food safety policies and practices aimed at preventing foodborne illness;

  5. Build strategic partnerships to advance the goal of a safer food supply and a public that is better educated on food safety issues;

  6. Promote integrated, systems-based approach to food safety and co-benefits to food security and nutrition.