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Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention


Goals and Priorities

CFI’s Goals

Goal 1:  To protect America’s food supply to prevent deadly and disabling foodborne illness.

Goal 2:  To raise awareness about foodborne illness and its impacts.

Goal 3:  To raise awareness about the need to use a science-based approach in resolving the growing food safety challenges, both locally and globally.

Goal 4:  To encourage research on foodborne diseases and food safety topics; encourage people to enter agricultural (food) and public health fields.

Goal 5:  To provide risk information and safe food handling recommendations to all food stakeholders, but especially to consumers and those populations most likely to acquire a serious foodborne illness.

CFI Priorities 2012-2017

  • To encourage research on food safety, foodborne illness and consumer behaviors towards food and foodborne diseases.
  • To encourage the development of appropriate metrics for evaluating food safety programs.
  • To encourage the development of economic incentives to improve food safety and to attract individuals into the field of public health.
  • To identify gaps in our food safety systems and in our food crisis responses.
  • To improve America’s food safety system by using the “best available science” and by encouraging the development of new strategies aimed at sustainable food safety systems.
  • To improve regulatory standards and microbial testing programs at the state and federal level to reduce foodborne contamination throughout the farm to fork continuum.
  • To improve foodborne illness reporting and the medical community’s ability to respond to foodborne disease.
  • To increase sharing of food / foodborne illness data across federal agencies and between the 50 states and our national surveillance agencies.
  • To provide consumers with important risk information and food handling practices aimed at preventing foodborne illness.
  • To raise awareness about foodborne illness and its impacts.