CONTACT: Scientific Challenges and Cost-Effective Management of Risks Associated With Implementation of Produce Safety Regulations

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CONTACT, a USDA-funded project led by the University of Florida, will provide a systems-based decision-support framework to evaluate measures for controlling pathogens on produce that will support an integrated view and decision-making roadmap for stakeholders. CFI will contribute to the development of risk assessment models and burden of disease estimates, and will lead the development of a framework for sharing public and private-sector data. 

Collaborators: Ohio State, University of Florida, Rutgers University, Washington State University, University of Georgia, University of California-Davis, University of Maryland, University of Delaware, Virginia Tech, University of Arizona, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Timeline: Sept. 15, 2020–Sept. 14, 2024

Funding Source: USDA Specialty Crop Research Initiative