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    New Ohio State food safety center to hold inaugural event Nov. 14

    Oct 25, 2019

    COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention (CFI) at The Ohio State University will hold its inaugural event, “Translating Science Into Policy and Practice: What are the food safety priorities?” on Nov. 14 from 1–6:30 p.m. at the Drake Performance and Event Center, 1849 Cannon Drive, on the Columbus campus. 

    The event will include a food safety panel discussion featuring:

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Flooding road goes underwater and house completely flooded

By: Tracy Turner

If my home floods, what do I do with the food in my fridge and pantry?

Your question is very similar to another that was asked in a “Chow Line” column from May 2017, so it’s best answered by reissuing that column here.