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  1. Charles Bakin

    CONTACT's Charles Bakin

    Aug 2, 2022

    CONTACT's #MeetTheTeamTuesdayCharles Bakin is a graduate student at The Ohio State University. His project focuses on analyzing the food safety priorities of fresh produce industry stakeholders for Objective 7.

  2. IAFP 2022 - International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting

    Jul 30, 2022

    We are pleased to announce that several of our CFI Team Members will be taking part in the IAFP (International Association for Food Protection) Annual Meeting from July 31st  to August 3rd! Learn more below about the posters, technical sessions, roundtables, and presentations happening at IAFP 2022. Also, be sure to stop by booth #1001 to see what the team at CFI is all about, and how you can be a part of it. Join us in the Exhibit Hall!

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Featured Blog

By: Laura Onianwa

On May 2, 2022, I landed in South Korea, ahead of the US Eastern Standard Time Zone by about 11 hours. I do not speak Korean, nor am I well versed in Hangul, but it didn’t make me want to go any less and visit my close friend who resides there. Korean is the primary language spoken, as is to be expected. And although it is becoming more common, not everyone speaks English, since all Koreans aren’t afforded the same opportunity to attend English academies as young children. I was a little anxious, yes, but excited. The pandemic had previously uprooted my plans to study abroad in Spain two years ago, and I knew that opportunities like this didn’t come along often. Although I’ve never really been into K-pop or K-dramas, I can appreciate both; at any rate, I was both willing and ready to travel abroad to Korea.

Being a minority in more than one way, living on my own, traveling solo much of the time, and not being completely knowledgeable of the language, I most definitely would stand out as a foreigner. In preparation, however, I did educate myself on the culture and was given proper advice by friends familiar with the country. They helped in providing the major do’s and don'ts, and what is considered appropriate and/or disrespectful in the typical culture and customs of Korea.

Laura OnianwaLaura Onianwa

As ready as I could be, I would spend the next 2 months in Korea. My experience there was surreal at times, interesting, informative, and genuinely good! I experienced many things for the first time; hostel living, Buddhist temples, palaces, shrines, Hof bars and pubs, jazz bars, busking, outdoor markets, underground shopping centers, the subway/metro train (beyond awesome), the night scene, vivacious mountains, cozy cafes and bakeries (individualized and aesthetically pleasing all-around), authentic street food, photo booth studios, lovely parks, cultural venues, and delivery drivers on motorcycles riding through both red lights and upon sidewalks (which they are legally permitted to do). However, as a student with CFI, I paid special attention to all things food and food safety, especially when eating out.