Tips and Hints to Preserve Your Summer Bounty

BY Lydia Medeiros,Linnette Goard | July 24, 2014

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You’ve grown it, so now what do you do with it? You can only eat so much when it is fresh from the garden.

Squash! Tomatoes! Zucchini in very large quantities!

Preserving your extra summer garden bounty is easier than you think. Ohio State University Extension is prepared and ready to help you – whether it’s a recipe or directions, getting your equipment tested and ready for canning season, or you need some more in-depth help – like a class on how to preserve food.

Food preservation was fast becoming a lost art, an art that our grandmothers knew very well. In World War II, the family members who stayed on the home front were encouraged to help the war effort by planting their own Victory gardens. And, once that produce was ready, families canned the extra food so that it would help feed the family year round. Unfortunately, times changed and home food preservation lost popularity for several decades. No more – the local foods movement has caused resurgence in fresh, nutritious, and economical fruits and vegetables.

In Ohio, you can contact your local Ohio State University Extension office to local a class or other information to help you with your home food preservation. It’s just a click away!


Don’t need a class, but do need a factsheet on how to preserve a specific food? We have that too. Just look over our OhioLine factsheets to find one that has what you want to know. Check out our Freebies page.

Don’t live in Ohio, or want to know as much as possible about food preservation, then the National Center for Food Preservation has an answer for you.

Want to know more about farming in the 1940’s, and other decades as well? Check out this web site.

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