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BY Jeff LeJeune | September 4, 2014

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Infections caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites are a major cause of illness and death around the globe. Even in developed countries, illnesses transmitted through contaminated foods and by contact with animals and their environment pose a significant burden on public health.

It was once thought that we would be able to easily conquer the battle against infectious diseases. However, the fact that viral infections are not treatable with antibiotics and many bacteria are developing resistance to common antibiotics complicates the situation. Moreover, each year we discover new or emerging diseases that were not previously known.

Preventing and controlling infections in both animals and people will not be achieved by the efforts of a single organization or group. Instead, a collaborative effort among health care workers (physicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, etc. ), scientists, policy-makers, private companies and (especially) the public will lead to the greatest success.

Researchers at The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center are working address many challenges related to infections of animals and people. There are also a number of ways each of you can help protect yourself, pets, wildlife, and livestock from infections. Have a look at some of the information provided below for some ideas.

Stay informed!
Play your role to help ‚ÄúStamp Out Disease”.


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