Cook Chicken to a Safe Temperature

Cook Food to a Food Safe Temperature

Foodborne pathogens grow well at room temperatures, but are destroyed by heat above 135 degrees F. For an extra margin of food safety, USDA recommends extra cooking time to be sure the food is at an even safer temperature before consumption.

BY Jaime Foster | March 3, 2015


Pasteurized Milk or Unpasteurized Milk. Is This Always Your Decision to Make?

What is pasteurization and is it necessary? Unpasteurized milk – risky or nutritiously beneficial? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

BY Lydia Medeiros | April 14, 2014


Milk – The Most Perfect, Natural Food that Nature Can Make. Or, Is It?

The most perfect food! Milk! Is that true? As with most things, perfection is relative and subject to the perception of the beholder.

BY Lydia Medeiros | March 24, 2014