Lydia Medeiros

Author Bio

Dr. Medeiros is a faculty member in the Food Animal Health Research Program, the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center of The Ohio State University. She has BS and MS degrees in Nutrition and a PhD in Animal Sciences. Additionally, Dr. Medeiros is a registered dietitian. She has authored numerous publications in consumer education and food safety for both the lay and professional audiences. Dr. Medeiros' research has focused on the educational needs of patients at risk for foodborne illness and the preparation of health professionals to meet patients' need for food safety information.


Tips and Hints to Preserve Your Summer Bounty

You’ve grown it, so now what do you do with it? You can only eat so much when it is fresh from the garden.

BY Lydia Medeiros | July 24, 2014


Food Safety Training Now Available from Ohio State University Extension

We are proud to announce food safety training programs through OSU Extension! Here’s more info about them.

BY Lydia Medeiros |


How Listeria Enters People’s Homes, Kitchens, and Lives

Infection from Listeria monocytogenes typically occurs in individuals with a weakened or suppressed immune system. Here’s how it happens and what you can do to prevent Listeria from entering your home.

BY Lydia Medeiros | June 24, 2014


Cats, Pregnancy, and What to Do About Toxo

If a woman is first exposed to Toxo during or shortly before pregnancy, she has a 20 to 50% chance of passing it on to her unborn baby. Cats are the carrier and exposure to the parasite in the cat’s feces can lead to food contamination, and then human exposure.

BY Lydia Medeiros | June 20, 2014