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Welcome to FoodSafety.OSU.edu — your one-stop place for anything you ever wanted to know about how to keep your food safe and healthy for you and your family. Health professionals and educators will find many resources and web site links that will help locate credible, accurate, and consumer-friendly food safety information for students, patients, or clients.

What can you find here?

On this web site you will find food safety information that comes to you directly from the researchers of The Ohio State University. You will also find that we have assembled links to the best and most useful web sites available to help you find the food safety information you need.

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If food safety is so important, you want good, reliable information to help you and your family stay safe. This web site is from the microbiologists, horticulturalists, economists, educators, and health professionals at The Ohio State University. We have registered dietitians who work with us every day to give you the credible information you need to know, what to do, how to do it, and when it is important to handle food safely in your home…and, how to judge if food is safe when you are away from home.